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The Ocula Sustainable Growth Platform™ delivers prescriptive insights and recommendations to support smarter decision making on everything from pricing, to customer targeting, through to supply chain optimisation

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Faster, better, actionable

At Ocula, we are democratising the decision science capability of digital leaders through our SaaS platform. In doing so we level the competitive playing field and enable our clients to optimise across their key growth and cost levers


Our platform quickly and effortlessly combines multiple data sources and applies advanced algorithms to produce and prioritise self-learning recommendations


Providing a suite of optimisation areas in a single platform enables us to simulate predicted impacts of recommendations across business functions and prioritise accordingly. In doing so we start to remove siloes and ensure focus is on the areas that maximise profits

Digital sustainability

All companies require data-driven capabilities to compete and grow profitably in todays competitive landscape


At the same time consumer, regulatory and investor pressure means sustainability must be taken into account. The challenge of how to maximise profitability, while taking into account carbon footprint is at the core of our solution


At Ocula we therefore offer a dedicated sustainability module to optimise your carbon impact, in parallel to other key growth and cost levers


What we solve for

Sub-optimal decisions

Siloed data and organisational decisions resulting in profits left on the table and challenges delivering integrated business planning

Market leader gap

Digital leaders dominating their field through better decision science capabilities than smaller rivals

Sustainable profits

Growing pressure to improve sustainability but deliver profits


Game-changing modules

Each business is unique, so our platform allows you to set and adapt your company objectives across a range of time horizons

The Platform

A platform that integrates seamlessly


Cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) ‘always-on’ platform with light-touch scalable data ingestion, and data driven feature selection to deliver insights faster

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Integration & data ecosystem

A catalogue of out-of-the-box system integrations and external datasets

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Data privacy compliance, secure interaction, and storage are core tenets of our platform

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Clients and investors are provided with bespoke experiences in order to showcase how Ocula can help them at their core, and gain power over their digital transformation